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"GLADventist" Email Community

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This Seventh-day Adventist community is a sub-community of the inter-denominational GLOWfriends. It consists of Christians with SDA connections who have a primary attraction to their own gender and believe that sexual activity is to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Subscribers support and encourage each other in celibacy or marriage and may or may not identify as gay or lesbian. Heterosexual supporters are welcome and appreciated. The list is not  meant to be a forum to discuss whether or not same-gender sexual activity is appropriate. It is assumed that it is not.

GLADventist functions like a private side-room of GLOWfriends for the discussion of specifically Adventist concerns. Since most of the discussion and fellowship tends to take place on GLOWfriends, we like to subscribe all applicants to GLOWfriends, as well as to the specific sub-list. If you indicate your church affiliation as "Seventh-day Adventist," when when you fill out the AmongFriends Subscription Form, we will add you to our GLADventist list as well as the GLOWfriends list and one of the gender-specific lists -- GLOWguys (moderated by Ralph) or GLOWwomyn (moderated by Inge)You only need to fill out one form-- either the one for AmongFriends or the one for GLADventist below.

Posting Guide Lines are much the same as for the other lists. Click here for details.

You may apply  to GLADventist and the other AmongFriends lists by clicking on the YahooGroups icon at the bottom of this page, and you will receive an email asking you for further info. Or you may skip that step and simply click on the Subscription Form link at the bottom of the page and fill it out. Your subscription to the lists will be activated as soon as we are assured that you will fit into our email community.

Dreams and Convictions

  1. This list is dedicated to the proposition that God loves lesbian and gay people unconditionally in spite of many messages from representatives of the church that have presented a contrary view. Thus this list is intended to focus on the love of God and on building a personal relationship with Him. God has shown unconditional love to us long before we responded to Him, and we would like to see members of this net reflect that unconditional love to each other. We hope that when subscribers post to this list, they will keep in mind that God's Love is Our Witness - GLOW! 
  2. We understand that same-gender attractions are real and not just a chosen behavior. They are an integral part of an individual and morally neutral. 

  3. This list is meant for sharing, not persuading others to think differently. We want this to be an absolutely safe place where members can share even very personal things -- joys, sorrows, pain, victories and defeats -- without fear of being judged or receiving unsolicited criticism. 

  4. We believe that God designed sex to be a component of the life-long bond between one man and one woman. Thus the main thrust of this mailing list is the support of gay people but not of gay sexual activity. However, we deplore the attitude that gay sexual activity is somehow worse than heterosexual activity outside of God's plan. Thus persons involved in same-gender sexual activity should not meet with condemnation, but with love and compassion, as it is only thus that any of us can begin to understand the unconditional love of the Savior -- the only One that can meet the love-hunger of the soul. 

  5. We recognize that many gay people have had very negative experiences in connection with the Adventist church, and they should be free to tell their personal stories without being criticized. Yet we also believe that focusing on negatives hampers spiritual growth, and we expect to give loving support to those who have gone through bitter experiences while we direct their attention to a compassionate Savior who loves them unutterably. IOW, we do not expect this list to focus on what's wrong with the Adventist church.

  6. It is our dream that subscribers will find such loving support in this list that they may be freed to grow into their God-given potential in Christ. We hope that the atmosphere on this list will facilitate "bearing one another's burdens," encouraging one another and lifting each other up in prayer. 

  7. We also dare to dream that the support of this list may give some subscribers the courage to be "out" to their fellow church members in such a manner as to gain their understanding and respect. This would fulfill our dream that there would be role models for our young people to follow when they discover that they, too, have same-gender erotic attractions.

  8. Since this list is designed specifically for those who value the Adventist vision of Christianity, we expect that specifically Adventist issues will be discussed. And we hope that the experience of this list may help subscribers to better understand the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church in a Christ-centered context. Such an understanding will go far to erase the fears that have haunted gay SDA people throughout their lives. And it will prepare a people to give the "last message of mercy to the world" -- a message carried in lives reflecting the love of Christ.( For some of the best information on the current state of Adventism browse through Adventism on the Open Directory Project.)

Yours in His love 
Inge Anderson
and the moderator team

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Click to join GLADventist

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