If You Know You Are Homosexual...

 by Christopher Blake

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Healing Perspective and Conclusion

Overcoming Prejudice

If You Are Homosexual


If you are homosexual, please don't give up hope.

For immediate help, one approach to healing is found a refocusing on a new identity inn Christ 

For example, people who have a tendency to tell lies must develop a new sense of identity. one that frees them from feeling helpless or hopeless. They must not think, I am a liar. Instead they say, "I do have tendency to deceive. But I am in Christ, and Christ is in me, the hope of Glory." See Colossians 1:27. This allows for a change in identity. Saul became Paul, even though he was still the "chief of sinners." We are Christians before we are anything else -- male, female, Brown, Black, White, fat, skinny, blind, seeing, scared, or fearless. And Christ's love toward us is unconditional -- that means no matter what our condition is. Even if we slip up, we never slip out of His love. That's how God is. 

Now that you have this new identity, even though you have these tendencies, you recognize that you are first a Christian. You must believe, "I am not just 'a homosexual.' I am a person with homosexual tendencies. Most important, I am a Christian; I am accepted through Christ; I am 'dead to sin' but 'alive to God in Christ Jesus' (Romans 6:11); I am God's child." This allows for a change in identity. 

God has not cursed you. If anyone is cursed, it is Jesus, God's Son: "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us." (Galatians 3:13). 

"Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that made us whole, and with his stripes we are healed" (Isaiah 53:4,5). 

Good, glorious, liberating news! Let it inform and sustain your every breath. 

To change any behavior -- whether promiscuity or gossip or whatever -- it must be crowded out with good. Jesus spoke of this when He referred to an unclean spirit returning to its "house," finding it empty, and bringing with him seven more spirits more evil than himself (see Matthew 12:43-45). 

Unwanted behavior is not eliminated by concentrating on it. This is like staring into the bright headlights of an oncoming car; we either turn into its path or steer off the road. What's needed is to keep our eyes on the road, not on the bright lights. What's needed is not to try to rid ourselves of sin, but to fill our life with God's Spirit, with unselfish, joyous acts of service. We tend to lose sight of our sinful tendencies when we gain sight of the kingdom of heaven. 

"Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions. Do not yield your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but yield yourselves to God as men who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments of righteousness. For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace" (Romans 6:12-14). 



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