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Redeeming Our Sad Gay Situation:
A Christian Response to
the Question of Homosexuality

 by Christopher Blake

The printer-friendly version: Redeeming Our Sad Gay Situation (one long file without background graphics or links).

1. Awareness

2. Understanding  

1. There's a difference between being a homosexual and practicing 'homosexuality. 
2. Nobody chooses to be homosexual.
3. "How many people are homosexual?" is widely disputed. 
4. Many gays are not gay about their sexual orientation.
5. "Gay bashing" is never acceptable, especially for Christians.
6. Many fears about homosexuality are irrational. 
7. Few homosexuals are parading militants
8. Changing one's homosexual orientation is difficult and rare.
9. Homosexuals can be genuine, model Christians. 
10. Being a homosexual is not a sin. 
11. There is no scriptural support for practicing homosexuality. 
12. The problem won't just go away.

3. Healing Perspective and Conclusion

4. Overcoming Prejudice

5. If You Know You're Homosexual

This article was first published in the December 5, 1992 issue of Insight magazine.
It is published on net with the written permission from the author.