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DISCLAIMER:  The presence of a resource here does not imply endorsement by GLAdventist or any of our associates. These resources are meant to be a starting place for your own research. They are selected resources insofar as this is only a fraction of what is available on the internet. We are trying to be fair by presenting some of the best material on both sides of the homosexuality debate from a Christian perspective. 

Through the Apostle Paul, God has encouraged us to "study" so that we might be good "workmen" who could "rightly divide the word of truth." Insofar as homosexuality does present some moral issues, we believe it is important for each one of us to come to our own conclusions through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the realm of right and wrong, no person can decide for another -- no matter how good our intellect or how pure our intentions. We issue this as a warning for those who would want to decide for their loved ones and pressure them to make decisions like their own. Likewise, it is a warning to those who would like to base their decisions on their peer group because they have "already studied it all out." Salvation is an individual matter. And we must each make sure of our own relationship with Christ and ask Him to guide us in making right choices in our lives. 

For all who are interested in the subject of homosexuality in relation to biblical standards it is helpful to note that a careful reading of the Bible indicates that it deals exclusively with certain sexual behaviors and says nothing that would distinguish a homosexual orientation from the sinful nature which we all possess.

For starters, please check out our FAQ section. It includes a section on official Adventist statements. Also check out the essays in the Biblical Perspectives section. Ministry magazine published two editions in the mid 1990's that were far ahead of their time, as is obvious in retrospect. Check them out. For insightful commentary from a youthful perspective, see Trinidad . SDA . Gay?!

We encourage each of you to investigate the viewpoint that differs from your own. Anything else is not honest research. Investigating the "other side" of the question will give you a bit of a taste of walking in someone else's shoes and will help just a little in fostering respect and understanding -- something that Jesus would surely want us to have -- between the opposing sides on this emotionally charged subject. (Also see Our Stories to get some indication of what it feels like on both sides of the issue.)

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