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Seventh-day Adventist
Homosexuality Resources

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Note that we do not necessarily agree with the philosophy of all the ministries below. To find out what we believe, please check our web site. If this does not answer your questions, you may use our form to contact us with specific questions.

Seventh-day Adventist Position Statements on Homosexualit and Related Subjects
We have collected the various official statements of the Seventh-day Adventist church on this page on our site.
Trinidad . Adventist. Gay?!
We highly recommend this blog by a young gay Adventist. His commentary is incisive and insightful. You may not always agree with him, but he's sure to challenge your thinking.
AdventCircle Online Community
Our own community for Adventist family and friends of gays and lesbians. This is a sub-list of the larger, inter-denominational GLOWcircle list. The Adventist list is reserved for strictly Adventist concerns, and most of the conversation takes place on the larger GLOWcircle list.
Adventist Leaders Address Homosexuality
We have collected a number of articles, including those in two issues of Ministry, the official Adventist magazine for pastors. The Ministry articles were published in the mid 1990's. Looking back, it is clear that they were far ahead of their time.
Adventist Gay/Lesbian Ministry of the San Francisco Central Church
We regret to report that this formerly official ministry to gay and lesbian Adventists supervised by a church committee is no longer functioning after administrative changes in the San Francisco Central church. It used to offer customized study questions for the Sabbath School lessons online for gay and lesbian Adventists. We can only hope that another urban church will take up the challenge to provide this sort of support.
In the meantime, you can study the regular Sabbath School lesson online at the Sabbath School Network. Clicking the "Current" link will take you directly to this week's lesson. You can even discuss the contents with others around the world on their email discussion list. See
GLADventist Online Community
Our own discussion list particularly for homosexually oriented Seventh-day Adventist who believe that sexual activity is to be confined to heterosexual marriage.
God's Rainbow
Internet outreach formerly sponsored by the Adventist Gay and Lesbian Ministries sponsored by the San Francisco Central church. This site is now independent and  doesn't have much content yet. The webmaster, Howard Holtz, has been in contact with Adventist leadership at all levels, and we hope to see more content soon.
SDAKinship International
Most established gay advocacy group using the Seventh-day Adventist name after winning a law suit brought against it by the Seventh-day Adventist church. It teaches that same-gender sexual activity is not condemned anywhere in the Bible and seeks recognition for gay marriages on a par with heterosexual marriages. Has outreach on most SDA college campuses, with gay-friendly professors referring students to the organization.
Someone to Talk To
Ministry to Adventist family and friends of lesbians and gays by Carrol Grady, aka Kate McLaughlin, author of My Son, Beloved Stranger. Mrs. Grady currently (2009) fully supports gay marriage and works hand-in-hand with SDAKinship.
That Kind Can Never Change!
The web site with the same title as the book by Victor J. Adamson (a pseudonym), a Seventh-day Adventist man with a personal ministry. After a lengthy detour into gay life, he is currently happily married to a warm, vibrant and dedicated woman who "waited 32 years" for him to ask her to marry him. He no longer considers himself "gay" and writes from that perspective.

Please note: The author uses some current words and attaches unique meanings to them. This is particularly true of the word "orientation," as in "homosexual orientation." While in today's society that refers to an underlying unchosen sexual orientation, the author uses the word 'orientation' much like it would be used in the sport of orienteering -- as a chosen destination. This would make a homosexual orientation, a matter of choice. (In the usual sense of the word, he admits that he did not choose his attraction to men.) If you can will remember his personal definitions, you may find much helpful material on his website, if you understand the Bible to be God's revelation of Himself and His will regarding our lives.