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SDABridges: Stories from a SDAKinship Perspective

The SDAKinship perspective differs from the philosophy promoted on the rest of the GLAdventist site. While SDAKinship offers gay marriage as the solution to homosexuality, the GLAdventist philosophy sees full submission of sexuality to God as the solution. (See "A Balanced View") Also see stories from the GLAdventist perspective.

Growing Up Gay and Adventist
by Ron Lawson. After many prayers and attempts of orientation change did not produced the desired change, Ron Lawson came out to family and church and found acceptance.
Journey of Pain
by John Young (*pseudonym) Story of growing up Adventist and feeling condemned, an encounter at an Exodus meeting, a marriage dissolved after twenty years and hard-won self-acceptance.
God Loves All of Me  
by Kyle (*pseudonym) This story, while written by a member of SDAKinship, is not out of harmony with the philosophy promoted on GLAdventist.
My World
by Mark Edwards*
The Adventist world can look very different from the perspective of a gay man.
Philippine Memories of a Gay Adventist
by Paq Mamahal* It's not easy growing up gay in the Philippines.
Is Marriage the Answer?
by Philip (*pseudonym)
Philip doesn't think so, and we don't think it's "the answer" either. Yet heterosexual marriages can work for some gay men. See Reluctant Homosexual, Forgiving Marriage  for another perspective on marriage.
Adventist, Pastor, Husband, Homosexual
PDF download) Anonymous article in the 1999 July/August issue of Adventist Today.

Also see these  Stories by Other Christians attracted to their own sex, as told on our GLOW site. (These are in harmony with the philosophy promoted by GLAdventist.)

* Pseudonyms are used by these writers for reasons that are probably evident to the reader


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