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AdventCircle Posting Guide Lines

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This list is designed to support fathers and mothers with gay sons or lesbian daughters, siblings with gay brothers or lesbian sisters, and spouses with gay husbands or lesbian wives. Our Guide lines are designed to create an environment safe for sharing burdens that seem "unsafe" to share elsewhere.

  1. All posts to this list are to be considered confidential and are not to be forwarded to any person not currently on the list, except by specific permission of the author(s) who wrote the original post. This rule is so important that anyone ignoring this rule may be immediately dropped from the list.

  2. Private posts are not to be shared with this list or with anyone else without the specific permission of the writer.

  3. One of the main purposes of this list is to support each other as we learn to understand and respect our gay and lesbian children and/or friends, including the choices they have made. 

  4. We expect posters to be respectful of others' views, even though these may be perceived as being wrong. It is useful to use phrases such as "I think," "It seems to me," or "I feel," rather than bluntly telling others how wrong they are. Our goal should not be primarily  to convince others to see things "our way," but to simply share what our experiences and study have led us to understand.

  5. Since this is a support list for Adventists who are convinced that sexual activity is only appropriate within the covenantal bond of heterosexual marriage, posts promoting the acceptability of gay sex are not appropriate for this list. Instead we would refer any with such convictions to the PFLAG organization. On the other hand, honest questions are always welcome.

  6. We try to make this a safe place for everyone concerned and may return a post to you because of possibly hurtful content. If your post is returned, please revise it and submit again. Do not send it privately to the person to whom you are responding.

  7. If you have a disagreement with a moderator, please discuss it in private instead of writing to others about your disagreement. Critical gossip destroys the atmosphere we wish to maintain on this list and we will not knowingly keep subscribers who engage in it.

We trust that you will find these guide lines agreeable and look forward to getting better acquainted.

In His love,
Inge Anderson
List owner



Last modified 03 Jun 2010 02:13 PM