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GLADventist List | Posting Guide

This form below (i.e. the boxes interspersed with the text) will subscribe you to GLADventist as well as the other appropriate AmongFriends lists, such as GLOWfriends and GLOWguys or GLOWwomyn. The reason for this is that most of the discussion occurs on these inter-denominational lists. Together, we seek to know Jesus more closely and support each other in celibacy or heterosexual marriage. GLADventist is for specifically Adventist concerns that come up now and then -- even things that are first brought up on the main GLOWfriends list.

Because we want to provide a safe environment for all on our lists, we would like to make sure that our subscribers are comfortable with each others. So we ask you to tell us a little about yourself. We will also use some of the information to introduce you to our current online community. We look forward to getting better acquainted.  

The first part of our form is pretty self-explanatory. Give us a name to use on the list in the first part of the form. You're welcome to use a pen name, or your middle name.

Please give us the email address you want to use to subscribe to the list. Often it's best not to use your main email address for this. (Perhaps you could pick up a free Yahoo email address.) If you don't yet have a second email address, just give us your main address, and let us know that you're working on getting another one.



Just put "GLAdventist subscription" in the subject. (We're in the process of figuring out how to do that automatically in this new script.)


In the Message section, please tell us why you would like to be part of our online community. And how did you find us? It would be nice if you could share your thoughts on issues surrounding homosexuality in the Adventist church.

If you have another email address where we can reach you, we'd appreciate your supplying it here.

Please give us some information we can share with the community when we introduce you -- things like what you do for work, for hobbies, approximately what part of the country you live in, etc. You could tell us whether you live in the city or the country, what kind of church (if any) you attend. What is your connection to Adventists? And, of course, you can tell us anything else you like.

It would be nice if you could include a confidential section giving your real name, but it's not necessary to be subscribed.


We look forward to getting better acquainted. :)

Inge Anderson, List Owner,
and the moderator team