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Frequently Asked Questions 
& Definition of Terms

 General Questions|Questions Gay Adventists Ask  | Terms & Definitions
Questions Straight Adventists Ask | Words Can Never Hurt Me?
Seventh-day Adventist Position Statements on Homosexuality

 Note that some of these links go off-site and will open in a new window.
General FAQ or Questions About Homosexuality
Definition of Terms for Discussing Homosexuality 
When we use the same terms but have different meanings in mind, we tend to misunderstand each other. We trust that our list of definitions will foster understanding.
Words Can Never Hurt Me?
Or can they? We think that the words we use are important. They may have eternal consequences. 
Questions Frequently Asked by Heterosexual Adventists and Other Christians, including Family & Friends
Questions Frequently Asked by Homosexually Oriented Adventists and Other Christians
About Homosexuality and Judging
Question-and-answer format based on an exchange on an Adventist email list.

Seventh-day Adventist Position Statements on Homosexuality and Related Subjects

Included is the official "Position Statement" as well as related statements from the Church Manual.
GC President on Homosexuality
Transcript of live, unscripted responses from Pastor Jan Paulsen who has been president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since 1999.
Is the Adventist Church's Opposition to Gay Marriage Consistent with Religious Liberty?
Some argue that the Adventist Church's opposition to gay marriage is inconsistent with the church's defense of religious and civil liberties. Read more ...

You may contribute to this page by sending your questions (and answers, if you have them) to us through the link at the bottom of the left column. If you have comments/suggestions regarding the answers already given, we would appreciate your feed-back as well.


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