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Adventist Leaders and Writers Address Homosexuality

Since many of us have a hard time admitting our prejudices, Overcoming Prejudice Against Homosexuals by Christopher Blake is well worth reading.  

Seventh-day Adventist Pastor John McLarty explores a searching question in "What Would Jesus Say to Homosexuals?"

Biblical Marriage
October 2, 2003, editorial by Adventist Review Editor William G. Johnsson, argues that the definition of biblical marriage cannot be stretched to accommodate same-gender unions.
Marriage Under Siege: Is Society Headed for Moral Chaos?
October 2, 2003. Adventist Review Associate Editor Roy Adams argues that there's "no time for silence now" as he foresees the legalization of gay marriage.
Beyond the Box: Upstream
Leslie N. Pollard, Vice President for Diversity at Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center reports on the difficulty encountered in the process of standing firm on the biblical position on marriage in the face of the current popularity of approving of gay relationships. (August 1, 2002)

Christopher Blake, former editor of Insight, a Seventh-day Adventist magazine for youth, wrote a well-researched article in December 1992, entitled, "Redeeming Our Sad Gay Situation." We feel it is still relevant today -- especially as we see conservative church members retrenching in an extreme position regarding homosexuality. Because of its length, the article is supplied in several parts. Click here for the first part. For a printer-friendly version (all one long file), click here.

Adventist Review article
Are Homosexuals God's Children?
by Kate McLaughlin
Women of Spirit articles
When Your Child Doesn't Choose Your Lifestyle,
by Carrol Grady

Adventist Position Statements on Homosexuality

Also see the Adventist Resources page.

Articles in Ministry

Ministry is the journal of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Association.

July 1996 Issue:
Dealing with Aids
by Bruce Moyer
AIDS: Fear and Compassion 
by Harvey A. Elder, M.D.
AIDS and the Church in Africa
by Saleem A. Farag and Joel N. Musvosvi
AIDS: Wrestling With Fear and Grief
by Millie White
The Crisis of Suicide
by Vern R. Andress
AIDS and Adventist Youth
by Gary L. Hopkins, Joyce W. Hopp, Helen P. Hopp, Christine Neish, and Gayle Rhoads
November 1996 Issue:
First Glance
introductory article by J. D Eva
A Homosexual in My Congregation?
by Kate McLaughlin
Christians and the Homosexual
by J. Grant. Swank Jr.
Do You Pray for Gays?
by Julia Vernon
Compassion - An Alternative Lifestyle
by John C. Cress
Homosexuality: Establishing a Christian Backdrop for Pastoral Care
by Thomas E. Schmidt
A Cry from the Valley of Death
by Bruce Moyer
Caring in the Age of Aids
by James A. Cress
Be sure to check out the Homosexuality Resources page on the GLOW site that gives links to sites on both sides of the homosexuality debate as well as our own Adventist Resources page.

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