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Ministry Magazine Articles

The articles indexed below first appeared in 1996 in a couple of issues of Ministry magazine, the international journal of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Association.

July 1996 Issue:

Dealing with Aids by Bruce Moyer
AIDS: Fear and Compassion by Harvey A. Elder, M.D.
AIDS and the Church in Africa by Saleem A. Farag and Joel N. Musvosvi
AIDS: Wrestling With Fear and Grief by Millie White
The Crisis of Suicide by Vern R. Andress
AIDS and Adventist Youth by Gary L. Hopkins, Joyce W. Hopp, Helen P. Hopp, Christine Neish, and Gayle Rhoads

November 1996 Issue:

First Glance introductory article by J. D Eva
A Homosexual in My Congregation? by Kate McLaughlin
Christians and the Homosexual by J. Grant. Swank Jr.
Do You Pray for Gays? by Julia Vernon
Compassion - An Alternative Lifestyle by John C. Cress
Homosexuality: Establishing a Christian Backdrop for Pastoral Care by Thomas E. Schmidt
A Cry from the Valley of Death by Bruce Moyer
Caring in the Age of Aids by James A. Cress

Ministry is published by the Review & Herald Publishing Association
55 West Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

Articles are published on this web site by permission of Ministry magazine editors

Also see the Adventist Position Statements on Homosexuality

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